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Casting Call- What Does it Mean?

Casting calls refer to the invitation to audition for acting, singing, modeling and dancing jobs. There are generally two types of cast calls. The first category includes open casting calls, which are are generally advertised via talent agencies, print media and even some trade magazines.  The open casting auditions mean that anybody having talent and skills for acting can apply for them and show his/her talent in front of the public and casting judges. The second type, known as closed cast call, refers to a special invitation to the audition, which is meant only for a select group of actors and talent agencies across the world.

Casting calls are the best way to find a break into various fields of entertainment industry such as acting, dancing, modeling and singing to mention a few. They are a great platform for acting aspirants who wish to show their talent before the crowd and casting judges, who come to auditions to select an actor for their productions. If you are looking for chance to play a role in a movie, serial or a TV show, a cast call is your best way to find entry. It will help you show your talent that you have nurtured over the years. You will be able to put what you have, in front of the experienced directors and producers at the audition.

How to find the right casting call? Casting auditions are often published via online talent websites and trade journals in Hollywood. You can check a number of online sites to learn about the numerous upcoming casting call, latest news on your favorite stars, video and audio files and acting tips meant to help you get into the entertainment industry. If you are now searching for auditions in your city or the state, you can visit, your one-stop resource for finding information on cast calls.